Negotiation Tips Post-Mortem: How to Identify Your Missteps

By Milton “Troy” Smith | March 07, 2022

Here’s a negotiation tip: The world’s most effective negotiators understand that they can always sharpen their skills and improve, regardless of the outcome of their last engagement.

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4 Easy Tips to Increase Sales During Your Next Negotiation

By Davi Johnson | February 28, 2022

The best negotiators in the world are always trying to learn new skills and figure out what they can do to negotiate more effectively.

Contrary to what you might think, becoming a better negotiator doesn’t necessarily require you to make massive, sweeping changes to your approach. It’s possible to improve your negotiation skills using simple tricks and tactics.

With that in mind, here are four easy tips to increase sales during your next negotiation.

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Becoming a Master Negotiator: Trigger Kindness Moments Everyday

By Chris Voss | February 21, 2022

Want to become a master negotiator? Do these two things: 

  1. Have a list of go-to phrases.  
  2. Never be mean to someone who can hurt you by doing nothing. 

Read on to develop your list and see how I dodged a bullet at a TSA screening point. 

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Negotiation Training: What Are Black Swans and How Can You Identify Them?

By Derek Gaunt | February 14, 2022

Black Swans are small bits of information the other side holds that— if uncovered—would dramatically change the course of the dialogue and, ultimately, the result of the negotiation.

The best way to discover a Black Swan is by staying curious in each conversation. Every time you sit down at the table, repeat a mantra to yourself: I have something to learn here.

This mindset forces you to listen to what’s not being said rather than the actual words. By staying curious, you reduce the chances of getting triggered during a conversation if the other side threatens, attacks, or makes outrageous demands.

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Negotiation Tactics for Uncovering Black Swans in Conversations

By Barbara Thomas | February 07, 2022

Getting the negotiation outcomes you’re aiming for starts with uncovering the Black Swans in the deal.

Simply put, Black Swans are the small, hidden things that have the power to change everything once you know what they are. When you uncover these Black Swans, you flip the script and change the entire game.

But how exactly do you find Black Swans? Use these four negotiation tactics next time you sit down at the table to discover what’s lurking beneath the surface.

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Real Estate Negotiations: When to Push and When to Walk Away

By Chris Voss | January 31, 2022

In any negotiation, a push equals an assertion. 

Assertions work if they are preceded by Tactical Empathy™. Without it, you will blow the deals you should have made. 

Here’s how to gauge deals and navigate assertions in real estate.

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How to Use Negotiation Tactics Over Chat Apps

By Brandon Voss | January 24, 2022

Just because you can negotiate through chat apps and text messages doesn’t mean you should. Ultimately, every exchange you have over text should be designed to drive people to a verbal conversation—especially when the stakes are high.

That said, we live in a world that’s increasingly driven by technology, and that doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Next time you find yourself engaging with a counterpart over text, chat, or email, keep these negotiation tactics in mind to increase the chances you get the outcome you’re aiming for.

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Negotiation Tips: How to Negotiate with Coworkers, Colleagues, and Equals

By Derek Gaunt | January 17, 2022

The Black Swan Group often provides tips for negotiating with your direct reports and counterparts from other organizations.

However, in this post, we will share negotiation tips you can use in situations where no hierarchies exist. 

Here are some negotiation tips to keep in mind next time you navigate a difficult issue with coworkers, colleagues, and equals:

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4 Characteristics Women with Good Leadership Skills Should Embrace

By Sandy Hein | January 10, 2022

When it comes down to it, leadership is leadership, and all leaders should approach it the same way. And yet, women can have a difficult time as leaders, particularly when supervising a group of men.

Keep reading to learn about four characteristics that women with good leadership skills exhibit so you can add them to your arsenal and enjoy better business outcomes.

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Real Estate Expert Negotiator: Which Goals Should You Pursue First?

By Steve Shull | January 03, 2022

When it comes to real estate negotiation—whether you’re representing a buyer or a seller—the first thing you want to do is understand what your client is thinking and ensure they feel understood. 

Doing so starts with a Cold Read, in which you look at your clients, size them up, and then use Labels™ to have them tell you what’s on their mind. 

If you’re representing a buyer, you might say this after a Cold Read: It seems like you really want this house. If you’re representing a seller, you might say: It sounds like getting top dollar is what’s most important to you.

Whether your calculations are correct or not, your client should give you more information to help you better understand the lay of the land.

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