Roger Reyes

Roger Reyes
Roger Reyes spent 34-years in law enforcement until he retired in March of 2017 with a combined 22 years as a former SWAT officer and highly experienced Hostage Negotiator, involved in over 700 critical incidents throughout his career. After retiring from law enforcement, he was contracted through the US State Department to provide law enforcement and hostage negotiation training abroad in several foreign countries to both their military forces and police officials.Both his career backgrounds, training, and experiences reflect a thorough understanding of being able to professionally communicate effectively in domestic and international settings along with the understanding of some of the challenges, considerations, & the complexities of various working environments and demographics. He enthusiastically joined the Black Swan Group in March 2021 as he firmly believes that learning how to negotiate correctly is similar to learning a new language!

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Get The Best Deal with These 5 Negotiation Tips

By Roger Reyes | September 06, 2021

Life is full of negotiations. Every time you’re in the middle of a conversation in which someone says I want or I need, you’re in a negotiation. 

From personal encounters to high-stake corporate negotiations, the following tips will help guide you to achieving successful outcomes.

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