Barbara Thomas

Barbara Thomas
Barbara Thomas, having joined the team in June 2021 after retiring from three decades of service with the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD). During her time with the department, Barbara worked as a patrol officer and was selected to the SAPD Hostage Negotiation Team, where she served for 14 years. She was also assigned to the SAPD Training Academy, where she taught various academic subjects to police cadets. Additionally, Barbara worked undercover while assigned to the Repeat Offenders Program. During that time, she was also assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, where she worked with federal agencies on terrorism-related activities. On top of this, Barbara worked as a recruiter for the SAPD’s Recruitment Unit. Upon being promoted to the rank of Detective Investigator, she was assigned as a Uniformed Evidence Detective where I processed crime scenes. She was then selected to the Crisis Response Team, where she worked as a Family Violence Detective and was also assigned to work with the Joint County and City Domestic Violence Task Force. Prior to and during the beginning of her career in law enforcement, Barbara was an active duty and reserve member of the United States Air Force (USAF) for a combined 14 years of service. In her first job after technical training school, Barbara worked as a jet engine mechanic servicing B-52 Bombers and KC-135 Tankers. She then cross-trained into the intelligence field where she worked as an intelligence analyst.

Recent Posts

The First Steps to Becoming a Skilled Negotiator

By Barbara Thomas | August 01, 2022

If you’re new to negotiation and The Black Swan Method™, the first step to becoming a skilled negotiator is enrolling in our online class, Negotiation 9™ (N9™). This class teaches the nine core skills that are foundational to becoming a world-class negotiator.

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Negotiation Tactics for Uncovering Black Swans in Conversations

By Barbara Thomas | February 07, 2022

Getting the negotiation outcomes you’re aiming for starts with uncovering the Black Swans in the deal.

Simply put, Black Swans are the small, hidden things that have the power to change everything once you know what they are. When you uncover these Black Swans, you flip the script and change the entire game.

But how exactly do you find Black Swans? Use these four negotiation tactics next time you sit down at the table to discover what’s lurking beneath the surface.

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