2 Techniques To Fend Off An Attack

Have you ever been in a difficult conversation where the other person appears intent on pulling you into an argument or trading personal attacks? We all have. When under attack during a difficult conversation our default response is to attack back. This is especially true when the attack appears out of nowhere, is irrational or personal. It evokes emotion.


The 3 Habits of Ineffective Negotiators

Negotiation advice will tell you these "tactics" are lead to success. We've found that these 3 common habits are completely ineffective. Avoid these and increase your chances of negotiation success. 


How To Continue to Maintain and Build Your Negotiation Competency

The standard answer is practice, practice, practice. Repetition; however, is the mother of skill, but what you are practicing is just as important. If you want to be better at basketball, you aren't doing yourself many favors on the golf course. If you want to be better at negotiation, you aren't doing yourself much good reverting to bad communication habits like "tell me more" and trying to...