The Market Price (Part 1 of 2)

If I were to ask, “What is the difference between hostage negotiation and business negotiation?” – what would you say? How would you answer? I know what I would have said before I started my 20+ year journey back and forth between both worlds – “Ahhhhhh, I don’t know!” Something! Probably, just like you, I thought, “Well...they’re not rationale!” I’ll never forget the first time I realized that...


March 20th Tower Club Event

  The Black Swan Group in association with the International Speakers Society will be hosting “Negotiations – Here, There and Everywhere” at the Tower Club in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia the evening of March 20th, 2014. The Tower Club is a professional business and networking organization located at the top (the 17th floor) of 8000 Tower Crescent Drive in Tysons Corner, Virginia. In this interactive...