What do Great Rainmakers Have in Common With Great Hostage Negotiators?

Intuition. Yet, is intuition something magical, that you’re born with? Can you grow it? Is it nature or nurture?


Is Timing Really Everything?

The answer to this question has solely to do with the notion of how negotiator types perceive good use of time. Something to keep in mind for those that are in a current negotiation, how does your counterpart see time? If you do know, how have you used it to your advantage? Are you confident enough in your answers to bet a million dollars on it?


Implementation—A “Yes” Without a “How” Can Be Dangerous

To me, one of the more important things in life is sleep. For me, it ranks up there with some of life’s greatest pleasures, so I go to the sleep bank frequently to make withdrawals. This was the case a few weeks ago when a phone call raised me out of the delicate embrace of the REM stage. It was my eldest daughter.