New From Black Swan: Daily Email Negotiation Lessons

Black Swan Daily Email Negotiation Lessons


We want you to succeed!

Receive a one (1) page easy to absorb negotiation lesson in your email everyday for 26 straight days. You need at least 21 straight days of training to improve performance and adopt skills. This will do it for you. These are the hostage negotiation skills that have been effectively adapted for use in the business negotiation world by The Black Swan Group.
Each lesson is designed to begin your day with ideas and skills that you can start using right away. Each day you will become a better negotiator. Not only will you get the new skills themselves, but learn different ways to combine tactics to get better results. The lessons are organized to describe theory as well as the introduce the skills. Topics range from:
  • Components of Negotiation Power
  • Preparation
  • Bargaining
  • 7:38:55

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About The Author

The Black Swan Group is a dynamic team of negotiation experts with experience that ranges from high-stakes hostage negotiations to boardroom business deals. We use our unique skills, acumen, and decades of field experience to provide comprehensive negotiation coaching and training seminars for individuals, businesses, and government agencies.