Is Timing Really Everything?



The answer to this question has solely to do with the notion of how negotiator types perceive good use of time. Something to keep in mind for those that are in a current negotiation, how does your counterpart see time? If you do know, how have you used it to your advantage? Are you confident enough in your answers to bet a million dollars on it?

There are those (Aggressive/Assertive) that see time as money, every wasted minute is a wasted dollar. These people want to get something done and move on to the next. Sometimes the best solution isn’t always as important as getting it done! This group of individuals perceive their earning potential being closely tied to how many things they get accomplished.

Then there are those (Analytical) that are not in a big rush. They know that as long as they are working toward the best and most plausible solution then time is being used efficiently. Even if the time expended while dealing with the issue takes years! As long as during that time they were working toward fixing the problem to the best of their ability, more than likely a very well thought out detail oriented plan will be realized. These people tie their earning potential to not making mistakes.

Lastly there are those (Accommodating) that view productive time as the exchange of information. Whether it is personal, business or otherwise, as long as both parties are continuing to engage positively, time is being used in a productive fashion, even if during this time nothing is actually being accomplished! The end goal here is to be on great terms with one another. These people tie their earning potential to how well they are perceived by others.

So which type are you? Actually, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the type of your counterpart. Once you have accurately identified how your counterpart sees time, you will know everything needed to adjust.

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About The Author

Brandon Voss is the Director of Operations and an Instructor/Consultant with The Black Swan Group. Brandon has been instrumental in adapting the FBI’s hostage negotiation techniques to the business world. In addition to training clients, Brandon has guest lectured at USC Marshall School of Business and Georgetown McDonough School of Business.