Blog: The Negotiation Edge

Assertives Beware!

Last month I wrote an article giving some insight into the three negotiator types by using 3 head football coaches in the NFL as comparison: Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks) – Accommodator, Bill Belichick (New England Patriots) – Analyst, and Jim Harbaugh (San Fransisco 49ers) – Assertive. Since then reports from NFL analyst Deion Sanders and Fox Sports Jay Glazer have surfaced indicating Jim Harbaugh, our assertive, is not so well liked and may in fact lose his job over that conundrum.

3 Coaches/3 Negotiator Types – Which are you?

It is football season again and I couldn’t be happier. I also can’t help but see how the things we teach about negotiation are incorporated in all forms of life, including football. At BSG we teach that there are 3 negotiator types: Analyst, Accommodator, and Assertive. With the start of this year’s season, I’ve been thinking about how negotiator types play a role in coaching. There are three teams and their coaches that stood out: The San Francisco 49ers – Jim Harbaugh, The New England Patriots – Bill Belichick, and The Seattle Seahawks – Pete Carroll. Even if you aren’t a football fan there is still a good chance you have heard of these teams. All three coaches have been very successful in the NFL and all three have completely different coaching styles that stem from their negotiator type.

Is Timing Really Everything?

The answer to this question has solely to do with the notion of how negotiator types perceive good use of time. Something to keep in mind for those that are in a current negotiation, how does your counterpart see time? If you do know, how have you used it to your advantage? Are you confident enough in your answers to bet a million dollars on it?

3 Problems With “I am Normal”

1. Our unconscious reaction to those who see things differently from us is they’re “abnormal.”