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Man or Woman...Who Is Your Primary?

As I reflected on my time as commander of my former agency’s Hostage Negotiations Team, I realized that eight of the 15 negotiators was a woman. It was not necessarily by design. It was just the way it shook out. They competed for the spots and outperformed other candidates; male and female.

How To Negotiate When You Have No Leverage

If they’re talking to you, you have leverage. Who has the leverage in a kidnapping? As crazy as it sounds, it’s the people negotiating on behalf of the victim. After all, where else are the kidnappers going to go to get a ransom.

Can you apply this to your negotiations? Absolutely. Here’s how. And it’s a version of what we did to every kidnapper on the planet: terrorists, criminals, crazies, and sociopaths.

  1. Sprinkle Magic Dust On Them – Trigger “That’s Right” 
  2. Become Skynet – Change The Future to Change The Present
  3. Become A Jedi – The Calibrated “No”

This article will delve into each of these sections and also include links to some of our articles to goes into each with more depth if you’d like. Study up and rock it for your best chance of success!

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