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3 Insider Keys to "How to Spot A Liar"

I taped a video for Business Insider entitled “How To Spot A Liar”.  Here are some insider keys to getting more out of this video.

Negotiation Is An Essential Component - Part II

Last month I wrote about how law enforcement should dispatch negotiations teams to active violence/shooter events noting that many believe there is no role for us to play.  I have been latently criticized for such thinking.   In the article, I posed the question, what are we to do when the event transitions from dynamic to static? On June 12, 2016, in Orlando, Florida, we learned.   

The Most Important Phrase To Master For Tough Negotiations

Master this way to say "no" that doesn't kill your deals and instead leads to success. 


Better Than Why - "What Makes You Ask?"

People will always ask you questions in a negotiation. When it is important to find out the reasoning for their question asking "Why" or flat out answering is not the best solution. Use "What makes you ask?" instead.