Blog: The Negotiation Edge

The #1 Tactic For Negotiating With Someone More Powerful Than You

It’s how I gained the upper hand on international kidnappers.

Negotiation Is An Essential Component

needswants.jpgI had a conversation with a veteran SWAT operator not too long ago about how we would respond to Beslan-styled attack at a local community college.  He posed a question “would I favor negotiations in such an attack?”

5 Things Doing The Most Damage to Your Negotiating Ability

pencil-1203977_1920.jpg#1 – Becoming the hostage of “yes”.  

“Yes” is not the path to “Yes”.

3 Phrases You Need to Eliminate from Your Negotiations

Increase your communication success by eliminating these 3 bad communication habits that naturally trigger a negative human response. 

“Ignore human nature at your own peril” is one of our basic negotiation approaches.  It is also why our skills are so effective.  In any given situation people have a tendency to react instinctively simply because they are people.   When you are backed into a corner, especially when you have skin in the game, you are going to react based off of instinct.  People are emotionally driven.  If you can determine what emotion is driving them at a given time then their behavior becomes imminently predictable, which allows you to orient your communication approach.