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The #1 Way to Know If Their Price Is Soft

They’re selling.

As soon as someone starts selling, you know their price is soft.

Establish Your Kill Line

A woman calls 911, hysterical.  She tells the call taker that her boyfriend, a military vet, is despondent and threatening to commit suicide by way of a handgun in his home.  

Announcing Never Split the Difference & How You Can Help

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As you know, if you are receiving our newsletter, May 17th is the publication date for “Never Split The Difference - Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It".  This is an exciting time for The Black Swan Group and everyone who is a part of The Black Swan Family!

The Top Negotiation Tip From the #1 Trial Attorney in LA

“Is it better to be liked or respected at work?”  This was the question posed in an article aimed at women I came across last November.

This is tantamount to asking the same question for negotiation.

Unsophisticated Negotiation: Taking the Hard Line

A common misconception about negotiation is that the best course of action is to take a hard line with someone.  Use logic to express that what you want is the right path.  Be ready for objections and turn them back around on your counterpart.