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The Top Preparation Habit of Highly Successful Negotiators

negotiation preparation

I was rehearsing an anticipated negotiation in my head.  This interaction would be with someone I’ve let get under my skin. This bothers me in a double way because I’m not supposed to let this happen to me, right? I teach this stuff.

He Issued A Demand or Deadline, Now What?

“We want four million dollars, forty 1,000-year-old ginseng roots, a 50-troop military helicopter, to take us to Thailand…and four bullet-proof vests.” These demands (and they are actual demands made during an incident) could stymie most hostage-barricade managers. To the lesser-trained they seem non-negotiable. Demands and deadlines tend to crank up the stress level for decision-makers.  Generally speaking, they shouldn’t and here’s why.

3 Ways to Train Yourself to be the Best Negotiator

If you have a competitive side you understand what it means to work at constantly improving.  The best business people are always striving to be better and good training is essential. Here are 3 ideas to embrace as you train to be the best negotiator. 

2 Most Powerful  Moves to Counteract A Negotiator Who Lies

The most common lie in a negotiation? “Yes”.  

As in “Yes, we’ll do it” or “Yes, that’s true” or “Yes, I’m interested”.