Blog: The Negotiation Edge

The Insider's Secret to Relationship Success is the Best Negotiation Advice

Matt Jacobson, Facebook’s head of market development, recently gave a piece of advice for relationship success that likewise is fundamental to the Black Swan approach to negotiation.   

Look What You Made Me Do

Jerry was a fifty-seven year-old male who doused himself with gasoline and was in possession of a handgun, threatening to commit suicide.  This was his response to an eviction notice.  It was clear he had issues.

Negotiation Structure Dictates Negotiated Outcomes

There is a general principle that structure dictates outcomes. This is seemingly a very simple idea.  While clichés like this one can be very helpful, they are also very uninformative.  The right structure dictates the outcomes you want.  But what is the right structure?

Just Talk To Him

MOREPIES.  It’s the acronym developed by the Crisis Negotiations Unit of the FBI in order to help negotiators remember the eight skills in the Active Listening Skill (ALS) set.