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The Key to Negotiating Thanksgiving With Your Family

Eric Barker wrote in his blog “Barking Up The Wrong Tree” that gratitude is the tactical nuke of emotions. That when you bring yourself to feel it, gratitude does a remarkable job of wiping the negative emotions away.  That’s totally true and one of the key reasons top success performers like Tony Robbins teach people to focus on gratitude.

3 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your Communication Success

People always want to increase their odds of success. It's simply human nature to want to do everything you can to avoid failure. Here are 3 guaranteed ways to increase your chances of success in communication. 

4 Steps to Establish Control in a Negotiation

The secret to gaining the upper hand in negotiation is to give the other side the illusion of control.  If knowledge is power, what you really want to gain is knowledge in the interaction without really giving much information away. [Click to Tweet]




Here’s how to flip the control dynamic on it’s head and enjoy the process. 

It's All Fun And Games, Until Someone Gets Hurt

In the late 1980’s, several deaths of mentally ill persons attributed to the Memphis Police Department (MPD) resulted in a change in tactics for how law enforcement handled these types of cases.  MPD corrected the problem by partnering with the mental health community. The partnership led to the establishment of Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) within MPD.