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How to Deal with a Negotiator Who Lies

Ever wonder what's the best way to deal with a negotiator who lies? Focus on implementation.

It’s actually pretty much that simple. It is one of the reasons that one of the fundamental negotiation rules that The Black Swan Group lives by is:

“Yes” is nothing without “How”

Focusing on implementation will actually make almost all aspects of your negotiation better. It also makes negotiations easier because you have to worry far less about whether or not your counterpart is lying.

How do you focus on implementation?

3 Ways to Negotiate Like a Pro

Traditionally speaking negotiation is seen as a focused comparison of ideas/results, which in my eyes is a sophisticated way of saying an argument over issues. One of the first orders of business for us as consultants is to get clients out of this approach. More often than not a negotiation begins with one side stating what their issues are and what they want. Next the other side does the same thing. In the end if a deal is made both sides have a tendency to meet in the middle.

Seducing The Long Term Relationship Into Success

The Gallup Organization tells us we don’t remember things the way they happen, we remember how it ends and the most intense moment. Our brothers and sisters in show business have lived by this forever with the maxim “Give them a big finish and they will forgive you for anything”.

When It Goes Bad, It Goes Bad Quickly (Part 1)

Sunrise is about an hour away. SWAT has silently contained the target location. Their stack is at the front door, ready to execute a “no-knock”, high risk warrant on a violent felon. Forced entry is made as the suspect is coming out of the bathroom toward the rear of the home. He is challenged as he retreats to a bedroom and slams the door shut. He responds to the officers’ yelling by firing three rounds through the closed bedroom door. In the blink of an eye, the warrant service has transitioned to a barricade. Now what? Invoke the Incident Command System and get the rest of the crisis management package there, of course. Best case scenario, your negotiators are 45 minutes out. How much head way can be made in 45 minutes? Do SWAT operators engage the suspect in dialogue? Why not have negotiators there already?