Blog: The Negotiation Edge

The Seduction of “You’re right” in Negotiations

We probably love hearing “you’re right” more than we love hearing “yes” and “yes” has been described as the most beautiful word in any language. Yet every time we hear “you’re right” alarm bells should be going off in our mind because we are shortly getting ready to hit an impasse.

3 Ways to Hone Your Negotiation Skills

Here are 3 ways to hone your negotiation skills. 

4 Steps to Not Being Held Hostage by Your Cell Phone Company

  1. Be empathic by showing gratitude and appreciation
  2. Make a focused comparison
  3. Ask a great “How?” question
  4. Use an effective pause

What’s Your Position?

I was speaking with a relatively new negotiator the other day who said, “LT, I spoke to several people at the conference and none of them said they use a Negotiations Position Paper (NPP).” Most, he said, had not heard of it. I told him that while I was disappointed, I was not surprised because most teams have not had their value explained to them.