Blog: The Negotiation Edge

The Top 4 Tips for Negotiating a Better Salary

  1. Be pleasantly persistent on non-salary terms
  2. Salary terms without success terms is Russian roulette
  3. Spark their interest in your success to recruit them as un-official mentors
  4. They are assessing you for how you will be their ambassador

Every MBA class I lecture to, I tell them my first objective is to single-handedly raise the ranking of their school. One of the critical factors in business school rankings is how well their graduates are compensated. I want graduates where I teach to be ridiculously well compensated and worth every dime. Here are 4 tips for negotiating a better salary.

Do You Really Understand Empathy?

There is no question that the average person has some understanding of empathy. It would not be a surprise if your first instinctual reaction to the title of this article was “of course” or “yes I do.” Even if you weren’t sure, with technology today you could go to Google and look up empathy in a few seconds. This however doesn’t give a full understanding of what it means to be empathetic. What I really want to focus on is a true understanding of what it means to be empathetic and how to use empathy as a tool to improve your value, leverage and bargaining position in any negotiation. I don’t usually like to make guarantees, but for most I can promise by the end of this article you will have a better feel for what it means to really understand empathy.

Our Role In a Terrorist Event

“The enemy uses the best negotiator he has, who is normally very sly, and knowledgeable in human psychology. He is capable of planting fear in the abductors’ hearts, in addition to discouraging them”. These words are from Issue 10 of the Mu’ Askar Al Battar: A Terrorist Training Manual. As negotiators, they are expecting us. We should be preparing for them.