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The Best of Chris Voss & Derek Gaunt (The Edge Year 1)

Chris is the President and CEO of The Black Swan Group, a negotiation consulting firm he started in 2008. Prior to his entrepreneurial crusade he was the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI as well as the FBI hostage negotiation representative to the National Security Council’s Hostage Working Group. He also served as the U.S. Government’s expert on kidnapping at two international conferences sponsored by the G-8. During his 24 year tenure in the FBI, he was trained in the art of negotiation by not only the FBI but Scotland Yard & Harvard Law School. Chris is also a recipient of the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement & the FBI Agents Association Award for Distinguished and Exemplary Service.

“Best of” – Derek Gaunt (The Edge Year 1)!

Derek Gaunt is an immensely talented negotiator and one of the hostage negotiation world’s true thought leaders. I thoroughly enjoy reading his articles and am grateful he contributes to the content of “The Edge”.

Derek’s Favorites (The Edge Year 1)

September 2013