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4 Hostage Negotiation Skills to Help You Renegotiate Your Cable Bill

I received this from Ryan, one of the MBA students in the negotiation course we teach at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business (MSB). Ryan is a young “high potential”, like most all of the people who are at MSB in the MBA program. Sharp, hard-working, smart. A young rising star executive.

He applied some of the hostage negotiation skills we teach in the class to a typical life situation, the cable company. Here's the 4 simple rules he used to renegotiate his cable bill:

Assertives Beware!

Last month I wrote an article giving some insight into the three negotiator types by using 3 head football coaches in the NFL as comparison: Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks) – Accommodator, Bill Belichick (New England Patriots) – Analyst, and Jim Harbaugh (San Fransisco 49ers) – Assertive. Since then reports from NFL analyst Deion Sanders and Fox Sports Jay Glazer have surfaced indicating Jim Harbaugh, our assertive, is not so well liked and may in fact lose his job over that conundrum.

Five Negotiation Tips For Crisis Negotiators

1. Stick to your training