Blog: The Negotiation Edge

Empathy: Ted Leonsis and Sumner Redstone

Empathy is for mercenaries and missionaries. Empathy strengthens relationships, creates flexibility in your counterpart and prevents blunders.

The Rule of 3

If you are involved in business you will have most certainly experienced a situation where there was an effort made to come to an agreement with another party. Unfortunately, there is also a good chance that you have gotten a “yes” from one or more counterparts and later found out it was a “no”. This is probably also true of many personal relationships.

Sticking to your Training Avoids Dumb Mistakes

Continuing last month’s theme of sticking to you training, I remind you of a critical factor in hostage/barricade management.

Quick Tips

  1. Leverage is in the eye of the beholder
  2. No matter what happens; your counterpart can never make you say “yes”
  3. Empathy is a required precursor to Assertiveness