Blog: The Negotiation Edge

3 Problems With “I am Normal”

1. Our unconscious reaction to those who see things differently from us is they’re “abnormal.”

Negotiators and Operators: One Team – One Goal

There was a time when you could ask a tactical operator what his impression of a negotiator was and he would reply with names like, Mouth Marines, Tree Huggers or the Kumbaya Crowd adding, with a certain amount of disdain, “all they want to do is talk”.

If you were to ask a negotiator the same question, you could hear things like Knuckle Dragger, Gorilla or just plain dumb; all they want to do is shoot people and break things. Most people would say that each team’s respective mission when it came to hostage/barricade management was diametrically opposed to one another. These misconceptions were prevalent for many years. Thankfully, due to attrition and education, that thinking has changed.